Terminal console


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The whole purpose behind this terminal server is to fit some useful terminal software on a floppy (with ANSI, VT100 terminal support). Z-modem programs, Kermit, and some other ones are on the floppy. All of these programs (along with the kernel) fit on on 1.44 MB floppy. I used Minix as opposed to Linux, b/c the Minix kernel was only 100Kb and the whole operating system loads itself in 20 seconds, a lot faster than Linux.

For more information regarding Minix, check out their website


The floppy image is a mere 1.44 MB. Download it from this link. If you are using a system that has only a 720kB floppy drive, use this file instead.

To make the floppy bootable, you have to use dd on UNIX or rawrite on DOS/Windows machines.

  • Unix:

  • DOS/Windows:


    The only reason why I used this old laptop is because it was a 486SX with 4MB of RAM, and had no harddrive.

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