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Current Projects

Various Xen Project hypervisor work. See for the list of commits.

Past Projects

Upstreaming Linux Xen components into Linus Torvald's tree. See for the list of commits.
Startup doing Xen virtualization. We were acquired by Oracle. Press release available at this link. Code (SHA256 checksum a4c4caa736305ee9a64ff45f db18e167b86e6d583fd6a7b730472fb3a8b445b3) dom0-sources.
iSCSI Boot Format Table Along with Peter Jones wrote the Linux kernel iscsi_ibft module (exports iBFT data in SysFS format). The iBFT spec, and to use it you can the Open iSCSI initiator to read the data.
OpenHPI Wrote the initial code of the OpenHPI SNMP sub-agent and as well the HPI MIB for the SAF Forum. Download the sources from SourceForge.
Dynamic Scalable ployable Face Recognition Security System Infrastructure. Java. Uses Jini/RMI for autodiscovery. JMF for camera capture. Jama (from MatLab) for matrix manipulations. Runs under Windows/Unix/Mac.
Porting Minix C/assembler source code to Compaq iPAQ (StrongARM CPU) - howto along with examples and some working source code.
A military rental system using JSP, JavaBeans, SQL, and JDBC. Software used: Oracle 8.1.7, Tomcat v3.3; Linux Debian, Sun Solaris 2.7
Video-Conference (in Java), using Jini (to locate services), JMF (to play video and send RTP datastream), Swing (for a nice GUI).
MP3 box - a box made out of plexiglass with a network and sound card. Outputs audio signal via two RCA connectors (which hook up nicely to my stereo). Boots from network (PXE) and retrieves MP3 from a centralized NFS server. Controlled by a remote control.
A small little terminal-software-laptop. Very useful if you don't have a WYSE terminal, and don't mind lugging a small little laptop around.
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